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Applied Environmental

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We recognize that the environmental condition of a property can greatly affect its market value, and that the environmental arena is complex. We excel at moving our clients through the maze of due diligence, risk assessment, feasibility options, liability limitation, to the resolution of their environmental issues.

The foremost strength of APPLIED ENVIRONMENTAL is the blending of solid engineering practices with a team of dedicated professionals and a working knowledge of environmental regulations, the combination of which allows us to best serve our customer’s needs. We do this as a partner and in a timely and cost effective manner that is consistent with the highest industry standards and tailored to each client’s particular site. Stakeholders and their professional representatives (including buyers; sellers; lending institutions; professional realtors; legal counsel; and governmental agencies) can be assured that all of their interests in, and concerns for, a particular property are going to be met.

APPLIED ENVIRONMENTAL has an outstanding reputation with regulatory agencies, industry leaders, and commercial and industrial clients for the unsurpassed quality of our services and the ability to solve complex issues.


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Founded in 1996, our personnel boasts over 50 years of environmental and energy consulting experience, working for clients of all sizes and sectors such as local, state, and governmental agencies, and commercial and industrial corporations, including over 10 Fortune 500 companies.
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