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Restaurant Chain Developer

A well established and fast growing restaurant chain headquartered in Canada has repeatedly relied on Applied Environmental to complete Phase I ESAs and Geotechnical evaluations for several of their new development locations.  Applied Environmental was contracted to conduct a Phase I ESA on a prospective location located in southeast Michigan. The seller of the property provided the client with a previously completed Phase I and Phase II ESA. The

reports documented the historical use of the subject property as a gasoline station and identified contamination of both soil and groundwater at low concentrations.

After reviewing the previous reports and conducting a current Phase I ESA, Applied Environmental concluded that the previous Phase II ESA had not fully evaluated the historical use of the subject property as a gasoline station. It was determined that the northwest portion of the subject property may still contain underground storage tanks and possibly higher concentrations of contaminants associated with past uses of the property. Applied Environmental conducted ground penetrating radar over the subject property and found several large anomalies and smaller areas of apparent metal structures. It was agreed that Applied Environmental (representing the client) and another environmental consulting firm (representing the seller) would work together to resolve these issues.  Digging of test pits was conducted over the anomalous areas in the northwest corner of the property. Product pipes, large pieces of cement and asphalt, a hydraulic hoist UST, and heavy soil staining were observed in several of the test pits.  No underground storage tanks were encountered.

Soil samples were collected from the test pits.  Analytical results concluded that the concentration of several gasoline constituents exceeded the Residential and Commercial – Part 201/213 Generic Cleanup Criteria & Screening Levels for: Drinking Water Protection, Groundwater Surface Water Interface Protection & Soil Volatilization to Indoor Air Criteria, and the Soil Saturation Concentration Screening Levels.

In response, approximately 600 cubic yards of impacted soil were removed and disposed of properly.

Applied Environmental completed and disclosed a Category “N” BEA and Due Care Plan to the MDEQ, limiting liability for the client for remaining contamination. The client was able to proceed with property development, protected from existing contamination and within MDEQ compliance.4