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Ecological Services and Wetlands

As society places more weight on protecting our natural resources, it has become commonplace for local municipalities to be sensitive to land development, especially if it is located near a waterway or wetland.  Many local governments are enacting regulations that require developers to identify the value and characteristics of the natural resources on their target property. A careful and diligent approach must be taken so that both development and environmental protection can effectively coexist. This may include assessing wildlife patterns and conducting botanical surveys.  The presence, location, and boundaries of wetland areas on a property are important factors in land development.  APPLIED ENVIRONMENTAL provides ecological services including the identification of wetland areas, the delineation of wetland boundaries, and assistance with the MDEQ permitting process.

Beautiful landscape with wetlands at springtime. Green wetlands with dead trees trunk photographed in spring. Polish landscape.   shutterstock_276325010 (1)